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- Jack Welch
मैंने सीखा है कि गलतियाँ अक्सर उतनी ही अच्छी शिक्षक हो सकती हैं जितनी की सफलता |
- जैक वेल्च

    General Awareness Question & Answer in English

The report, related in January 2015, related to "The growing economic inequality" is :
A.  Week Report
B.  Excel Report
C.  OX FAM Report
D.  Davos Report

Recently, which India's neighboring country's parliament has approved the implachment against their Prime Minister/President?
A.  Myammar
B.  Maldives
C.  Nepal
D.  Thailand

The company "Zip Dial" acquired by Twitter, in January 2015, is related to which area?
A.  The company that runs the micro blogging site
B.  Mobile value added service provider
C.  T- Shirt maker
D.  The company related to the supervision of accounts

According to the "Intellectual Property Index Report" issued on February 4, 2015, which place India has in the list of 30 countries?
A.  26th
B.  27th
C.  28th
D.  29th

"Academical honers 2014" was provided which of the following author?
A.  Namver Singh
B.  Bhal Chandra Namade
C.  Kedar Nath Singh
D.  Vishwanath Bharti

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