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The lack of a degree is actually an advantage. If you are an engineer or a doctor, there is only one job you can do. But if you don’t have a degree, you can do anything.
- Shiv Khera
किसी डिग्री का ना होने दरअसल फायेदेमंद है. अगर आप इंजिनियर या डाक्टर हैं तब आप एक ही काम कर सकते हैं.पर यदि आपके पास कोई डिग्री नहीं है , तो आप कुछ भी कर सकते हैं |
- शिव खेड़ा

    Quantitative Aptitude : Time and Distance Question & Answer in English (Level-1)

  Level-1 Ques. in 

A man covers a distance of 450 m in 1 min 30 sec . What is the speed of the man in Km/hr ?
A.  10 Km/hr
B.  18 Km/hr
C.  15 Km/hr
D.  12 Km/hr

A car moves at the speed of 60 Km/hr. what is the speed of the car in meters per second ?
A.  20 m/sec
B.  30 m/sec
C.  50/3 m/sec
D.  15 m/sec

A cyclist wins 500 meters race in 45 seconds. His speed is :
A.  30 Km/hr
B.  40 Km/hr
C.  35 Km/hr
D.  45 Km/hr

A man crosses a 1.5 Km long bridge in 5 minutes. What is his speed in Km/hr ?
A.  18 Km/hr
B.  20 Km/hr
C.  15 Km/hr
D.  16 Km/hr

How much time does a man take to cover a distance of 400 m, if he runs at a speed of 20 km/hr?
A.  50 sec
B.  72 sec
C.  65 sec
D.  30 sec