Agricultural Engineering : Design of agricultural tractor and machinery

The process of applying the various techniques and scientific principles for the purpose of defining a device, a process or a system in sufficient details to permit its realization
A.  Engineering design
B.  Engineering drawing
C.  Engineering practice
D.  All of the above

Which of the following main elements of engineering design process are establish objectives and criteria 
A.  Synthesis
B.  Analysis and construction
C.  Testing and evaluation
D.  All of the above

The criteria of appropriate farm machinery that work safety and will under actual field conditions on the farm known as
A.  Farm machinery design
B.  Analysis and construction
C.  Testing and evaluation
D.  None of the above


Which of the following factor affect a person’s performance while operating a machine in actual field condition

A.  Air temperature and humidity
B.  Noise level
C.  Vibration and seat design
D.  All of the above

Equipment design with proper application of human factor principles can load to following performances
A.  Increased efficiency and productivity
B.  Increased reliability
C.  Improved safety and decreased operators efforts and improved flexible
D.  All of the above