Agricultural Engineering : Engineering Properties of Biological Material

The property which is useful and necessary in the design and operation of various equipment employed in the field of agricultural processing
A.  Engineering properties
B.  Mechanical properties
C.  Chemical properties
D.  None of the above

Which of the following physical properties are
A.  Size and shape
B.  Surface area
C.  Volume density
D.  All

Various type of cleaning grading and separation equipments are designed on the basis of
A.  Physical properties of seed
B.  Mechanical
C.  Chemical
D.  Aero dynamic

Roundness is a measure of the sharpness of the 
A.  Solid material
B.  Liquid material
C.  Spray material
D.  Semi solid material

The most widely accepted methods for determining the roundness of irregular particles are
A.  Roundness = largest projected area of the particles when it is in natural rest position/ area of sma
B.  Roundness = area of smallest circumscribing circle/ largest projected area of the particles when it
C.  Both
D.  None of these