Agricultural Engineering : Measurments And Instrumentation


A Thermostatic cut- out work on the principle of

A.  Thermal expansion of fluids
B.  Variation of resistance with temperature
C.  Expansion due to air pressure
D.  Thermal expansion of metals


According to the Stefan – boltmann law, the amount of radiant energy per unit area is proportional to 

A.  Absolute temperature
B.  Square absolute temperature
C.  Fourth power of absolute temperature
D.  Cube of absolute temperature


Bimetallic strip made of two different materials bond during a rise in temperature on account of

A.  Differences in coefficient of linear expansion
B.  Differences in the elastic properties
C.  Differences in the thermal conductivities
D.  None of the above


The principle of working of the constant volume thermometer is based on

A.  Boyl’s law
B.  Charl’s law
C.  Gay lussac law
D.  Equation of state

A meter suitable for flow totalization is
A.  Turbine flow meter
B.  Venturimeter
C.  Rotameter
D.  Orifice plate